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Selenite Lamp - Medium

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Selenite Lamp - Medium

Also, known as satin spar gypsum.

You can change the atmosphere with a Selenite lamp and it's radiant glow. Standing in a natural tower, showing it's glittering crystal, vibrating positive vibes for your space.

When the light is on the energy moves through the crystal creating Negative Ions which are beneficial in reducing and clearing Positive Ions. Positive Ions are produced from EMF currents that come from cell phone, television's, computers, and electronic device. These positive ions bring confused and unbalanced energy that clogs up space. Cleansing with Negative Ions refreshes space electrifying with exceptional energized fresh air.

Selenite is a well known protection crystal, carrying a high vibration. Brings peace, clarity to the mind and space. Ideal for healing, will not hold any negative energy, dispelling funky vibes away from the auric space, and re-energizing with positive goodness within.

Because Selenite vibrates at such a high frequency, you will never have to re-energize or clean them, as they are self-cleansing. It's also a great option to use too re-energize and cleanse other crystals.

Each Hand Selected
Semi-Translucent White
Semi- Delicate
Keep Dry
Comes with cord and bulb
Made in: Sahara Desert + Fair Trade
Size: 10" tall x 3" wide, 5lbs  2oz
*Every Selenite is going to be unique in it's own way each one is hand selected with you in mind.

Sku: 28045
Maximum quantity available reached.

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