Fuck Off Holidays, I'm Coloring

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Holidays are stressful. Family dinners. Entertaining. In-laws. Christmas shopping. Crowds. Did we say in-laws? At this time of year, you might just have a resting Grinch face all the time. Sometimes you just need to throw off the tinsel and yell at the top of your lungs for everyone to “fuck off.” When you’ve had a shitty month and just need to vent, give life the proverbial finger and soothe the end-of-the-year stress away with Fuck Off, Holidays, I’m Coloring. Tune out the festive bullshit and unwind with your favorite profanities, belligerent one-liners, and immature insults. Color inside the lines—or out, you can do as you damn well please—and find that inner peace that’s buried in there underneath all that holiday spirit crap. Some of the phrases in this coloring book include:

- Sleigh me
- You’re a ho ho ho!
- On the first day of Christmas, some dipshit gave to me…
- Have a shitty New Year
- Bah humbug!
- Frosty bitch
- It’s beginning to feel a lot like fuck this

This coloring book features 50 kickass designs for when the holiday season gives you 50 shades of bullshit. Use colored pencils, gel pens, markers, watercolors, or even crayons—these coloring pages are printed on one side so you don’t have to worry about any bleed through ruining your fucking masterpieces. It’s time to ditch the holiday stressors and take out your frustration on these creative and empowering color pages instead. Spike that eggnog, Ebenzer Scrooge, and color through the twelve days of Christmas with Fuck Off, Holidays, I’m Coloring.

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