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Make Love Not War Peace Embroidered Cotton Bag

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Make Love Not War Peace Embroidered DJ Cotton Bag

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR, a popular hippie slogan of the 1960's, protesting the Vietnam War. The slogan is still popoular today for obvious reasons. The FLOWER POWER DAISY PEACE SIGN completes the message of ending wars now and forever. Mantras & positive messages can actually help change how people think. Thoughts manifest into reality. So thinking peace thereby creates peace. The credo of the hippies! This hand bag design is roomy and the fabric is heavy and strong. The full flap adds an extra pocket for you to store your hippi gear, there is also a cell phone - smart phone pocket on the strap. it was HAND MADE and HAND EMBROIDERED in a Buddhist region high in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal using 100% natural cotton. The MAKE LOVE NOT WAR and FLOWER POWER DAISY PEACE SYMBOL were HAND EMBROIDERED by master artistians. Sweet bag to take to the show or tote around town. Complete your hippie outfit and look groovy with this retro fashion accessory. Not only are getting a cool bag and spreading a righteous message, an artist who believes in hippy power keeps doing his artwork gig, right on. SPREAD the message of PEACE and LOVE!!!

SIZE: Approx. 11.5 x 12

Gypsy Rose products are mostly HAND MADE BY HUMANS, NOT BY ROBOTS mass produced in some huge factory, because of this each item is unique, & it is not possible for us to inventory, or change pictures every time someone buys one, color/size may vary slightly from the item shown.

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